Vision Systems

This instrument replaces several expensive, traditional measuring tools such as calipers and dedicated benches. The i360 is independent from temperature variations. The measuring is reliable and independent of potential manual mistakes of operators.

The i360 viewer has been designed and developed by Regg Inspection in close cooperation with its customers. The i360 is manufactured to be a reliable and precise measuring instrument, while being designed to be easy to use. All measurements are taken all at one in less than a second.

Machine Specifications

Nano Cube V-Scan
Easy calibration
Real time view of analysis
Software with 3 access levels
All data export via USB
Reporting ready to print
Linear Axis Measurements
Radial Axis Measurements
Pre-Set Limits
Visual Graph


Nano Cube V-Scan
Hi-Res Gige Camera 5Mp
Hi-Res USB 2.0 Camera 5Mp
Bi-Telecentric Lens
Collimated telecentric backlight
Integrated PC with WinXP
Reporting ready to print

Technical Specifications

Nano Cube V-Scan
– (mm) 22x34 60x80 24x400
Accuracy +/-
– (mm) 0.005 0.010 0.010
Repeatability +/-
– (mm) 0.001 0.002 0.002
– (mm) 700x160x135 575x625x245 880x420x920
– (mm) 12 32 90
Power supply 110/220V - 50/60Hz