Regg Inspection

High precision inspection systems

Regg Inspection

Regg Inspection designs and manufactures high quality inspections systems with modular design.

The machine can be equipped with vision systems, mechanical recess control, 360 degree profile check, eddy current crack detection, hardness control, and other special applications.

The company has a highly skilled technical staff, which is able to design and manufacture the highest quality inspection systems in the market.

Service center with skilled technicians are based in all main markets.

Regg Rolling

Regg Rolling is a designer of high precision two and three dies thread and spline rolling machines.

The company produces very robust machines for cold rolling of high tensile materials such as 12.9 steel, titanium, inconel and other exotic alloys. The machines are supplied with PLC or CNC controls for a quick machine set up and simple use.

A newly designed hydraulic system allows a shorter cycle time and less maintenance. The combination of all these factors allows a high repeatable production combined with a longer die life.


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